Cherry Load Ltd is a logistic solutions provider and was founded in 2010 by Derek and Sarah Burrows. Derek comes from a line of heavy goods vehicle drivers and is a skilled driver himself – having also sold vehicles for different manufacturers including Daf and Scania he has experienced both sides of the fence. Sarah has a long history of business and marketing working in blue chip companies such as Intel and EMC – making them a formidable team responding well to customer’s high demands.

FORS accredited, Cherry Load Ltd run a mixed fleet of modern, well equipped vehicles and by tracking the whereabouts of each vehicle we are able to keep our customers up to date on the progress of any load at any time.

Using Telematic solutions we monitor fuel use, idling, harsh breaking and more to ensure our fleet is run efficiently and effectively.

Our Team.

Derek and Sarah are the joint Managing Directors, along with administrative support from Tracey LaPorte ensure that the business is operating successfully.

We have a team of experienced, professional drivers many of whom have been employed for a number of years. We employ a core staff of drivers on a full-time permanent basis so we can ensure an excellent level of service to all customers.

We are a fairly small team that work well together and support each other when needed, we make great coffee and always have biscuits - why not pop in for a chat!

Our Mission.
  • To continue to grow and be respected in our industry.

  • To work with all members of staff to help them develop their own potential.


  • To reward staff for their achievements, commitment, results and dedication.

  • To provide a service to our clients that exceeds industry standards.

  • To carry out all of our functions in a legal compliant and professional manner.

  • To consider the whole community in all our actions.



We all know that in the wrong hands heavy goods vehicles are deadly weapons, you only need to look in the media to see evidence of this.

For Cherry Load Ltd vehicle and road safety is paramount.

As a business, we have made the decision to go beyond legal requirements and have strict guidelines, policies and procedures in place. We do not tolerate any lapses and these have and will result in employee disciplinary action or even dismissal.

All of our vehicles are fitted with the latest camera systems ensuring an all round view of the road which enables the drivers to have an increased visibility of other road users. We have clear policies in place that record any near misses and use the data from the cameras to train and educate the drivers.

As well as the legally required CPC courses, we run additional driver training, monitoring and assessment programs to identify and correct any areas of weakness.

Within our Drug and Alcohol Abuse policy random drug and alcohol tests are carried out on all employees. Any positive results result in employee disciplinary action or even dismissal. However - to date - there has never been a positive drug or alcohol test.